Gondhoraj- An Aromatic Affair

Gondhoraj lime is a prized product due to its availability. Sadly, growing Gondhoraj lime outside Bengal is not an easy task.

Gondhoraj lebu (Lime/Nimbu) started making media appearances a few years back. Until very few people had any knowledge of its existence. This secretive lime is very much popular in Bengal for its explosive aroma and subtle taste. The story of Gondhoraj starts in East Bengal, what we presently know as Bangladesh. People migrated to India from East Bengal after the partition. They brought along the memories and culinary encounters of their childhood with this lebu.


How just a mere squeeze of this lime transformed their simple Panta bhaat, dal, or fish to a gourmet meal, as East Asian cultures have Soy sauce as their way to uplift a dish people from India and Bangladesh have lime and lemons. Few drops of lime goes a long way! Moving on to now, people can experiment with Gondhoraj. Whether it’s a cocktail, marinade, or a simple cup of black tea. Also, I learned that Gondhoraj is a distant cousin of the much popular Kafir lime. And anybody can see that connection once you smell this lebu. 

I wanted to get my hands on this lime for a long time. Nobody was selling this product in my city. Finally, I got my hands on Gondhoraj a few months back. Even before cutting into it. The lime filled the bag with its profound and signature aroma. Since then, I used that lime from making the lemonade to squeeze it onto my food. And I decided to use the Morrocan culinary method to preserve the lemons on this lime. All it needs is a clean jar, cups of salt and, Gondhoraj. A no-fuss recipe. Store it at room temperature for a week or two. And then use it in your Rice, Steamed fish, or even to the salty lassi. 


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