The Hunger Games – 1

“The Hunger Games” Crisis of the food wastage can be seen during the lockdown. but it is there since the beginning. And we conveniently ignored it until now.

One of these quarantine days, I sat down for dinner with my mom and dad. What I see in front of me is I have two different things on my plate. I was concerned with the amount of food we were going through in the last couple of days. We have complete lockdown in the city also curfew imposed by the local authorities all over the city. Despite this fact, we are cooking and eating like any other normal day. Even though there is not even a bit of wastage in our home. I started thinking about how we should maximize our resources in these difficult times. So, we decided to cook just one dish for lunch and dinner. By doing this we cut down our meals from 3 to just 2.

The Hunger Games- Crisis of the food wastage can be seen during the lock-down. but it is there since the beginning. but we ignored it.

This decision encouraged me to write what I think about food waste. And not just speak locally but speak about global food wastage. As hunger and food, wastage is not just a problem for a continent or country. It is worldwide and as I believe that if we have 2 pieces of bread, we should share one with the person who has none. At the same time, we like it or not we should not even waste what we have. Make 100% out of it. Being a cook, I can see loads of food going to waste every day. Cooks turn a blind eye towards it in the name of “QUALITY CONTROL”.

Since the time of evolution, we found new food sources, have eaten possibly all animals. Not to mention we got deadly viruses from it. Even we reached an extent where we started modifying foods as per our taste, demand, and need. We made watermelons seedless, we made chicken fat we did what the only God could do. Being an advanced breed that we are we solved numerous problems nature hurled at us. We found out new ways to create more food by investing millions and billions of dollars in research. But we ignored one simple yet an important thing and that is food wastage.

I thought I need to emphasis on this issue with the facts and numbers. Since this is a quite long article, I wanted to keep it short instead of bombarding you with the information in one article. I will be talking about worldwide numbers (rather disturbing numbers) of food waste. Also, in the second part, I will post a recipe which can be a perfect example of minimizing food waste.

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