Author: Shubham Kulkarni

Hummus-Nucleus of Cultures

Hummus aka chickpeas, How a simple dish like Hummus bonds many different cultures with its sumptuous texture and taste. I started reading Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s book Jerusalem. He begins with an explanation of how the cuisine of Jerusalem is structured. Along with the different communities, this ancient city brought together for many centuries. Also, […]

Vegan Kimchi

Great way to preserve the fresh seasonal vegetables with the help of salt and a few other ingredients. This Vegan kimchi is a perfect example of what a regular sea salt could do. Addition of minimal ingredients to the fresh seasonal vegetables to enjoy the next season. My recipe is not a traditional one as […]

Chocolate Babka

“CHOCOLATE BABKA”- Every culture/religion is known for its different layers. And food is one of them. Also, when we discuss food from any religion or country. There is one character who is important in every culture. And It’s the grandma. Also, Grandmothers play a very crucial role when it comes to food. And grandmothers evolved […]


The sourdough or the bread you are seeing in this post contains only 4 things. Salt, Flour, Water and Yeast, that’s it. And this is how the bread or sourdough was originated thousands of years ago. Yes! the bread was discovered the way champagne did. It was an accident. Someone forgot a bowl of grains […]