Rethinking The Food

The basic idea of Food for me revolves around 5 elements of nature Salt, Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Techniques, equipment, the forte of cooking and everything else come later. Each one of these elements is so crucial that when you take even any one of the elements out. You simply can’t cook. And as Michael Pollan says, “cooking separates us from the primates and makes us Human”.

As smarter beings we are. Since the evolution of mankind, we have discovered innovative ways to cook. By this initiative, we will keep evolving the idea of food. It can be as simple as recipes or an idea to use a product sustainably. Even new and exciting ways to reduce food wastage. By this initiative, I intend to keep reinventing the recipes with new ingredients also reinforced traditional recipes. Along with new articles on various issues which are influenced or connected to food.

We will explore this gargantuan concept called FOOD from every angle possible. As the internet brings the whole world under one roof. this allows us to create new things. Whether it is recipes, ingredients or techniques. This initiative allows us to perceive different elements of food.

Aubergine Prawns

Fire pit

Roast duck

Food Extraordinaire

Global vision With Local Expressions